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More than Just Salt on the Roads

Department of Public Works discusses snow removal

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Norwalk, CT | Added on January 15, 2014 At 08:07 PM

Lisa Burns, Operations Manager/Assistant Director at the Department of Public Works for the City of Norwalk said, "Everyone knows we have to get the snow off the roads but what does that really mean? It means getting kids to school, sure, but if your dad can't go to work or your mom can't go to work and has to use a sick day or you can't get goods and services across the City, people to businesses, than that has a real impact on the City of Norwalk."

Norwalk's Department of Public Works is ready for the next time it snow, but it wants residents to know it's more than just clearing the roads.

Mayor Harry Rilling said, "The more public knowledge there is out there, the more understanding people will be when there's a significant emergency, but I wanted them to see how sophisticated the operation here is in Norwalk."

From direct liquid application before a storm hits to the 26 plow routes and salt application, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes at DPW.

Burns said, "There's science regarding the chemicals we put on the roadways. We have to look at the meteorological conditions and that's not just how much is it going to snow, or predicted to snow."

During a typical winter, DPW uses 6,000 tons of salt for the 625 lane-miles of city roadways that are plowed and DPW says cars parked in the streets during a storm present a challenge.

Chris Torre, Deputy Tree Warden for the City of Norwalk said, "Between cars parked on the streets and people blowing snow back out into the streets, a plowed street which you can see and we know was plowed 5 times because it's purple on our GIS, will look like it was never touched at all."

You can contact DPW at 203-854-3200.

You can find out more about the Department of Public Works on their Facebook page - Norwalk Department of Public Works - Operations Division.

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