Would you rather spend 50 cents or
50 DOLLARS to run your commercial?

Ask anyone whose bought television before, and they'll tell you TV advertising is expensive! We spent $50 a spot for our regional cable advertising a few years back, and decided it was too much. As a result, we offer some of the most cost-effective television advertising on the planet. You can run a standard television commercial in great locations for just 50 cents a play.

In addition to the affordability, we also feature scaleability and specificity. You can limit your ad buys to geographic zones and business categories that you specify. So for instance, if you want to reach "people in restaurants within 10 miles of Stamford", we allow you to do just that! You can purchase ads in just those locations, giving you exactly what you want while eliminating wasteful spending. Plus, you can limit your daily ad spend to keep within any budget.

We provide live reporting tools to each of our advertising clients so that you can see each and every ad playback location, down to the second, as well as the specific television in the business it was run on.

It's Relevant TV accepts television ads 10-30 seconds in length. If your ad isn't exactly 10, 15 or 30 seconds, no problem. As long as it's under 30 seconds we can build it seamlessly into our programming.

In the TV advertising world, costs are constantly increasing, and audiences are constantly decreasing. Over the last few years advertisers have been paying more for less. It's Relevant TV has changed the game.

With traditional TV advertising... it has always been about placing ads on channels you hoped might reach people in target locations. It's Relevant TV goes one giant step farther, targeting the individual TVs - allowing advertisers to garner the best target audience with solid steady viewership at a more than reasonable expenditure.

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