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Human Services Council Hosts Liquor Retailer Forum

Focus on spotting fake IDs, reducing underage drinking

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Norwalk, CT | Added on March 19, 2014 At 03:02 PM

"If you don't feel like they are old enough or you feel like they have already had something to drink and you don't feel comfortable selling to them, you have the right to say "that license is my livelihood. I'm keeping it, you have to go somewhere else,""said Lieutenant Tom Mrozek of the Fairfield Police Department.

The Human Services Council wants to help stop the sale of alcohol to minors one retailer at a time.

Tracey George, Program Coordinator for the Human Services Council's Mid-Fairfield Subastance Abuse Coalition said, "It is a big issue at the moment and we really want our liquor permittees to be aware of their responsibilities."

The organization sponsored a liquor retailer forum Wednesday morning to give tips to local liquor store owners about how to better avoid selling to minors and ways to spot fake IDs.

"You see these swiping lines? Fake. As soon as you're looking at a license and you see the words secure, valid, authentic; there's no state in the country using that kind of language on their licenses," said Lieutenant Mrozek.

Lieutenant Mrozek says it's important for retailers to be able to identify a fake ID from anywhere in the country.

"These kids realize what works in a certain establishment they want to get into, they will just order a Maryland or Virgina license and have it delivered overnight. The next thing you know the bars are flooded with these out of states licenses, they are unfamilar with them so they accept it in the beginning. They usually give me a call and say "Hey I have an awful lot of Virgina [licenses] what's going on?" Then we'll notify the other locations about what's being accepted."

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