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Nathan Hale Students Prep for Taste for Education

Middle School students prepare mushrooms for Norwalk Education Foundation Event

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Norwalk, CT | Added on November 06, 2013 At 10:33 AM

Amanda Kenner, 8th Grader at Nathan Hale Middle School said, “It’s going to be fun to see how all this dirty plant we saw in a crate can become delicious food on somebody’s plate.”

Students at Nathan Hale Middle School got their hands dirty Wednesday morning in preparation for the Norwalk Education Foundation's Annual Taste for Education fundraiser.

Kenner said, “We are preparing mushrooms to be stuffed for the Norwalk Education Foundation event that we’re going to be serving and providing food for tomorrow night.”

In addition to washing and prepping the mushrooms, the 8th graders in Family and Consumer Science learned more about the fungi from where it comes from to it's parts.

Amanda added, “We’re learning how the mushrooms, they grow in the dirt and all the different parts like the cap and the veil and them stem and you have to remove the stem and leave the cap and the veil so that they can be stuffed.”

8th Grader Mario Ramirez said, “To pop out the stem of the mushroom to use. You can use the stem separately and also use the head of the mushrooms.”

Students at Nathan Hale worked with students from Norwalk High School, growing their own produce for the finished product.

Ted White, Nathan Hale’s Family and Consumer Science teacher said, “This is a great experience for the kids to get some bridging opportunities between middle school and the high school and see what experiences will be available to them when they do move on to the high school.”

Mario added, “It’s important to us because we can connect bridges to Norwalk High and also to help get sponsors for Norwalk schools and get more money so we can do better stuff in our schools.”

The Norwalk Education Foundation says the involving the students in the event is what the organization is all about.

Paula Palermo, Board Chair of the Norwalk Education Foundation said, “Naturally we want to involve the kids because it’s about the kids and it always needs to be about the kids. The idea that we have Norwalk Grows growing produce from the gardens and they’re using produce in their classrooms and we like to work with the teachers a lot. We support teachers and quality teachers and it’s a great way to bring the students in and let them do something for a bigger purpose and show off their work and be a part of the process.”

Amanda added, “We’re learning how to prepare foods for a professional event. That’s a life skill we can use if we ever want to become a chef or a waitress or even a like a food connoisseur. It’s a good experience for life ahead of us.”

The Norwalk Education Foundation's Annual Taste For Education fundraiser will take place on Thursday, November 7th at 6 p.m. at Aitoro's. For more information and tickets, visit

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