About US



Imagine having an entire TV network working 24/7 to promote your business and entertain your customers. We provide our clients with such a network; quality video programming and integrated promotional tools that entertain and inform people of all ages.

Our licensed TV programming attracts the attention of visitors, and our built-in tools allow you to effortlessly and automatically share your social media posts and promotions to better reach and engage your customers. We put the true power of television into the hands of business owners. From local storefronts to sports arenas, we create affordable networks that work uniquely for each location.

Since launching in 2011, our mission has always been to bring the most relevant content to our audiences. We started this journey by becoming the largest producer of local video news segments in the towns we served. Observing that "relevance" transcended "local", we shifted our focus to building a national utility now known as It's Relevant TV. The individual networks we create remain relevant while utilizing video content we license from across the country.

Television producers, video and audio engineers, innovators in interactive media, and marketing experts make up the fabric of our organization.


It's Relevant TV Screen