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  • Health Department Fights "The Bite"Annual Larvicide Application Begins in Norwalk
  • Denise Valentine Ready For Another ChallengeCancer '"thriver" participating in Bike CT Challenge
  • How to Manage Diabetes While Traveling Diabetes nurse educator advises full preparedness
Author Talks Simple Happiness in New Book
Author Talks Simple Happiness in New Book
For Jim Ryan, happiness is simple. "You've got to want to be happy, you've got to look at yourself and ask yourself, what kind of a life do I want for me," said Ryan. The author and motivational speaker joined residents at the Norwalk Public Library on Wednesday for AuthorSpeak to discuss his recently published book, "Simple Happiness: 52...
Fresh Produce at Health Department
Fresh Produce at Health Department
"What's better than getting it straight from the farmer?" said Lois Morgan, a Norwalk resident and frequet farmer's market shopper. Summertime is a great season for fresh produce and the Norwalk Health Department hopes to bring them from the farm to resident's tables with their farmer's market. "We're really focusing on healthier...
Keep Pets Safe from Ticks and Heat This Summer
Keep Pets Safe from Ticks and Heat This Summer
Summer safety is important, and not just to humans. Your family pets need to be protected from extreme heat, diseases, and ticks as well. Prevention and control can go a long way in keeping pets safe. "There's three facets to tick born disease control, primarily, removal of ticks. Number two is using topical tick and flea preventatives....
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Tick Myths Debunked
Tick Myths Debunked
It's tick season again in Connecticut. Covering up and using repellent spray are commonly known things to do to protect yourself, but there are some myths about ticks that need to get set straight. "After this winter I met a lot of people who said, 'well it's been so cold and so frozen for so long, surely the ticks are gone.' Wrong,...
Vitamin D: It's All About the Right Amount
Vitamin D: It's All About the Right Amount
"I'll be honest. Most people living in the U-S are vitamin D deficient because of where we live," said Dr. Bismurta Misra, an Endocrinologist at Stamford Hospital. More and more studies are showing the dangers associated with low levels of Vitamin D, a nutrient crucial for good bone health and our overall immune system. A new study...
World Health Clinicians Reflects on a Year in Norwalk
World Health Clinicians Reflects on a Year in Norwalk
It has been only a year since World Health Clinicians opened its doors on West Avenue in Norwalk, and since then it has seen 1,200 active patients in its medical center and has provided local residents with pharmaceutical services. "Our day is pretty much about 80 percent taking care of people with HIV/AIDS and the other 20 percent we see...

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